“Bragging Rights” – Douglas L. Johnson Retrospective and 80th Birthday Celebration


Join us on Saturday, December 13 as we celebrate Doug’s 80th birthday in style! Gallery show from 5:00-8:00, music by “Danger Rangers” at the Hammond Hotel from 7:00-10:00.

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Jumping out of a perfectly good plane: a fundraising event for HAA!

UPDATE: We have reached the goal needed for Paulette and friends to make their jump! Join us at 2:00pm on Saturday, July 19 at the Baldwin Airport if you’d like to cheer them on. Thanks everyone for your support!

paulette save

These people (Kayla Boyd, Kristy Olson, Paulette Anderson, Don Fowell & Glen Rasmussen) are going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane to help raise money for Hammond Arts Alliance. The HAA is raising $25,000 to purchase Foster Hall to have a permanent place to call home. If we can raise $3000 toward that goal, these folks will jump!

If you would like to contribute please use the Paypal donation link (above right), mail a check to HAA at PO Box 202/Hammond, WI 54015, or email Paulette Anderson for more info: lupine.anderson@gmail.com.

Thanks for your support!

Hammond Arts Alliance signs land contract to purchase Foster Hall!


Big news for a little arts non-profit: Hammond Arts Alliance is now the proud owner of our own gallery building — Foster Hall!  Well, almost…

If you’ve been by Foster Hall lately you may have noticed something missing—the “For Sale” sign! An anonymous member of the community stepped forward, bought the building and is selling it to HAA on a land contract. We now have five years to raise $25,000 to pay off the building, instead of the constant threat of it being sold out from under us. This allows us to catch our breath, let out a huge sigh of relief…and then get to work!

Although we’ve been given five years to raise the money, our goal is to pay it off as soon as possible so we can concentrate on doing what we do rather than on constant fundraising.

To that end we welcome ideas for creative fundraising activities, grants or other funding sources for which we may qualify. We also welcome contributions of any size! These can be mailed to:

Hammond Arts Alliance / PO Box 202 / Hammond, WI 54015

Donations via credit card can be made through our Paypal account, and remember—any money donated to HAA is tax deductible!

HAA now has the flexibility to increase our programming and host events and exhibits beyond the scope of our regular monthly themed group shows. We welcome your input and ideas for these as well. The sky’s the limit!

We’d like to thank our anonymous friend and WESTConsin Credit Union for helping us realize the dream of acquiring Foster Hall. Many thanks to the community and especially to all of you for your continuing support of Hammond Arts Alliance.


HAA Director Paulette Anderson signing the land contract to purchase Foster Hall!

“Hammond Arts Alliance Celebrates 17 Years, Starts Capital Campaign” by Mary Caton-Rosser

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Exciting news!


We are one step closer to our goal: the current owner of Foster Hall has offered to let us rent the building at a very reasonable rate while we raise funds to buy it! We just signed the rental agreement and will be moving in after our January show at Associated Bank. Many thanks to WESTconsin Credit Union for this opportunity.

The next currently scheduled shows are as follows:

January 19-20: “Portrait” (last show at Associated Bank)

February 9-10: “Faux”

March 9-10: “Framed”

April 20-21: Annual Earth Day show, found/recycled art

We’ll now be hosting shows year ’round and will post themes and sign-up info for May and beyond. Do you have a suggestion for a show theme? Let us know!

Of course, all of this is assuming we raise the money to buy the building before someone else does… If you wish to contribute to our fundraising campaign to purchase Foster Hall, please contact Paulette Anderson: 715-796-8869. Email: lupine.anderson@gmail.com

(Donations are tax-deductible!)

About HAA

The Hammond Arts Alliance (HAA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of arts and artists in the St. Croix Valley/western Wisconsin.

HAA creates a safe and fun environment for community exposure to and participation in the arts. Gallery events are comprised of non-juried group shows and often include a performance component featuring music, poetry or film. HAA holds exhibits on Saturdays evenings from 5-9 p.m. and on Sundays from 10am to 2pm for one weekend a month. The organization collaborates with other regional arts groups on a variety of their projects.

Hammond Arts Alliance became a non-profit organization in 1996. Events and meetings are currently held in the basement of Associated Bank in Hammond in the Foster Art Vault gallery. The name is in honor of Bruce Foster who donated the use of a building in Hammond for our first gallery space, HAA’s home for over nine years. This building came to be known locally as “Foster Hall” and is the building we are now attempting to purchase as our permanent facility.

In 1998, HAA received grants totaling over $30,000 to refurbish the old village hall, which
is now the upstairs of the Hammond Library and has become a valuable community resource. To celebrate our 15th anniversary 2011, HAA commissioned a mural on the Library building which is now a visual symbol of the community.

As Hammond Arts Alliance celebrates its 16th anniversary we find ourselves in need of a new home. Following the death of Bruce Foster we were invited to use the upstairs of the Hammond Hotel. Albeit not an ideal space for a gallery we used it for the next three years. Associated Bank then invited us to use their basement for current gallery, Foster Art Vault. Hoping to stay a very long time, we invested in track lighting, ceiling tiles and other improvements for the space. But now, four years later, Associated Bank has informed us that they will be closing the Hammond branch, leaving us displaced as of the end of January 2013.

Although the bank closing is bad news, the building originally known as Foster Hall has been in foreclosure for the past two years and is currently owned by a credit union. The price has been dropping throughout that time and is now at $36,500, albeit still way over our budget. To that end we have launched a capital campaign to raise the necessary funds to secure our original home on a permanent basis. This is an opportunity we cannot let slip away.

Hammond Arts Alliance Board Members:

President: Heidi Freier
Vice President: Carol Freier
Secretary: Rachel Oostdik
Treasurer: Paulette Anderson
Members: Gary Peterson &
Greta Hammelman
Web Manager: Rick Fenstermaker

Why does a town without a grocery store need an art gallery?

Hammond, Wisconsin is a town of 2000 people located just east of the Twin Cities metro area. Hammond doesn’t have a big box retailer, a laundromat or even a grocery store. We’re used to that. But soon, we won’t have a bank either. Which means that one thing we DO have–an art gallery–will be displaced. Again.

This is the story of “the little arts non-profit that could”. For over 15 years, The Hammond Arts Alliance (HAA) has been a resilient, inclusive hub in the community. Recognized in Wisconsin as being the smallest arts non-profit in the state, doing “the most with the least”–producing shows of consistent quality and variety, attracting people from throughout the region.

HAA presents six or more non-juried shows per year, open to anyone who wishes to exhibit their work. In addition to visual arts the shows often include a performance component, featuring poetry, music or film. HAA’s regular contributors hail from communities throughout the St. Croix Valley and range in age from 12 to 78 years old.

Our small annual operating budget has meant we’ve relied on donated space to house our gallery. This has lead to our being displaced three times over the past few years. The time has come for us to secure our future viability by obtaining a permanent home for our gallery and performance space. To that end we are launching a capital campaign to secure the necessary funding to buy our original home, a building known locally as “Foster Hall“. Please check back for updates as we work toward our goal.

–Heidi Freier / President, Hammond Arts Alliance