Why does a town without a grocery store need an art gallery?

Hammond, Wisconsin is a town of 2000 people located just east of the Twin Cities metro area. Hammond doesn’t have a big box retailer, a laundromat or even a grocery store. We’re used to that. But soon, we won’t have a bank either. Which means that one thing we DO have–an art gallery–will be displaced. Again.

This is the story of “the little arts non-profit that could”. For over 15 years, The Hammond Arts Alliance (HAA) has been a resilient, inclusive hub in the community. Recognized in Wisconsin as being the smallest arts non-profit in the state, doing “the most with the least”–producing shows of consistent quality and variety, attracting people from throughout the region.

HAA presents six or more non-juried shows per year, open to anyone who wishes to exhibit their work. In addition to visual arts the shows often include a performance component, featuring poetry, music or film. HAA’s regular contributors hail from communities throughout the St. Croix Valley and range in age from 12 to 78 years old.

Our small annual operating budget has meant we’ve relied on donated space to house our gallery. This has lead to our being displaced three times over the past few years. The time has come for us to secure our future viability by obtaining a permanent home for our gallery and performance space. To that end we are launching a capital campaign to secure the necessary funding to buy our original home, a building known locally as “Foster Hall“. Please check back for updates as we work toward our goal.

–Heidi Freier / President, Hammond Arts Alliance



One Comment on “Why does a town without a grocery store need an art gallery?”

  1. I grew up in Baldwin and went to River Falls & Stout WSU, then became an interior designer. I’ve focused on art the past ten years and will certainly stop by to see what’s happening at the Hammond Arts Alliance.

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